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The Things That You Need to Know about the Confederate Flag

There is quite a big percentage of Americans that are very proud of the Confederate flag and they see it as one of the biggest symbols. Unfortunately, not very many people usually know a lot of information about the Confederate flag although they may be very interested in supporting it. You’ll actually be able to know much more about the history of the Confederate flag when you read this article. The creation of the Confederacy flag was done in the year 1861 and this is the beginning year when it was used. There was a committee that was specifically formed for this and that is the reason why it became very popular. There are people who of the view that the flag is not supposed to be anything close to the American flag while others were of the view that it’s supposed to be a mirror of the same. There were a lot of designs that are created for the purpose of the Confederate flag and this is the main reason why there were a lot of flags that were put forward. It was after these years and after a lot of design work has been properly deliberated that the flag was first used.

Some of the things you will be able to understand are going to be very unique and they are specifically related to the Confederate flag in the article. The Confederate flag is no longer used today but it is available for sale for the people who are interested in having it in their homes. The only thing that you have to do woul to go for shopping so that you can find the right companies are going to give you the Confederate flag. The state of Mississippi is the one which has remained that uses the flag although in the beginning, there were quite a number. Some of the examples of the states that used the Confederate flag include South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia and many others. The original design of the flag was very unique and very different especially because it represented an X. There are a number of laws that are protecting the Confederate flag even after today meaning that you cannot be able to deface it.

The state of Mississippi even after today continues to use the Confederate flag as part of the state flags. The states that were against the federal government were the ones that were using the Confederate flag, it represented a resistance. For many of the people, the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism and that is why they accepted.

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