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The Money Pit is a famous movie starring Tom Hanks alongside Shelley Long. What is happening in the movie might relate to the DIY project you have been attempting. Some projects may not work out no matter how much time and effort you give. This will have you spending money day in day out with nothing good to show for it. Bearing in mind that things may go wrong in your home renovation project may save you from digging yourself deeper into issue each passing day.

However, humor can make you forget your troubles and give you a reason to keep going. Once you laugh it out you will be ready to keep going. “Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild…you do whatever it takes to survive-Unknown Author. ” There are those moments where you will feel like you are living in the stone age. You will just be trying to remodel the kitchen but the effort required will be like having to create fire all over again.

Anything can happen during home renovations and the sooner you understand that the better. You may break the wall you can see from the outside thinking it is done only to discover another one which comes with a lot of boards, screws, wires, and even nails. When making plans in your head everything may seem straightforward whether you want to remove a certain wall or move the kitchen island but once you get down to specifics you will be surprised to learn that it cannot be done because it may take a section of the house down with it. In the jungle the only rule is to survive and in the case of walls, your wilderness will be finding a solution without taking down walls with you.

Another one goes like, “We’re having guests,,, your job is to stick these color swatches on the walls so that it looks like we’re doing something about this place.” Many people actually approximate a time shorter than what is really needed in handling the home renovation project. On the other hand, you may feel like you have to make things up so that others think you are going on with the project when you are not making any progress at all. If you want to confuse those who have taken an interest in the project you only need a few color swatches. This will be your way of telling people that you are organized much of the time.

“When I think about housework and renovations that need to be done I wish I could turn into a Sim.” -Anonymous. With several clicks, the work will be done. The Sim is a game where home renovations and Housework require no effort at all. However, this is not what happens in real life. Wouldn’t it just be perfect to because a Sim when a home renovation project is at hand?

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