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A Review of the Most Common Kinds of Household Creepy Pests

Humans live with varied phobias and the most common phobias we have are actually bug related. Interesting as it may sound, the fact is that there are so many of us who happen to be so afraid of coming into contact of bugs than they would be as victims of violent crime or even dying.

As such it would pay to know of some of the most common of the creepy crawlers you most probably would bump on in your home. As they are, bugs are of various kinds and there are some of these that may be so common knowledge to all while others may be as new as to be heard of for the very first time. The following is a lowdown on some of the most common of the household creepy crawlers that may prove to infest your property or home.

One of the common household bugs is the bed bug. An experience with bed bugs can be such a terrifying nightmare for your information. Bed bugs, the round shaped, flat and small insects almost the size of a grain of rice infesting your home can wreck havoc and cost you lots of difficult times living in your home. And for the color that the bed bugs assume, these happen to be coming in light brown color.

The bed bugs survive on drinking human blood and as such you can see how much they can be a nuisance in the home with bites on you and your entire household. Remember that these insects can live for quite a long time without eating or drinking your blood and as such can live in your mattresses without your knowing it for quite a period of time.

The other kinds of common bugs in the home that will most probably infest your home are the ants. In numbers, humans are way behind in numbers as compared to the ants. Ants are as well small in size and they know of their ways of getting into your house and hiding therein. They will eat and survive on the little crumbs of food that you happen to drop on the floor. Though they don’t do much of a damage in your home, they can be a menacing sight in the home and can cause some discomfort when they crawl on you and as such it is only fair treatment stamping the problem as soon as you realize it.