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Benefits of Tree Planting

Almost everyone has their personal reasons as to why they plant trees. Some plant trees to enhance the aesthetic value while others for shades where they can relax. Read this article for more advantages of planting trees.

Planting trees is essential in strengthening the soil. Where you plant trees to strengthen the soil, you will have also raised the soils moisture content as well as raising its levels of fertility. All these processes occur in a cycle which begins with the leaves falling down from the trees and on the soil surface the curb the moisture that could rather be heated into the atmosphere and at this point the leaves will start rotting to manure. This will enhance the microbial activities in this particular soil which is significant.

The erosion of the soil can be avoided by planting the trees. Soil erosion can be as a result of the excess wind blowing or even the heavy drops of rain falling on the ground surface. Soil erosion will occur by the splashes caused by the big drops of water. Wind also removes the soil by blowing it away strongly leaving the ground more bear. Roots of trees enhances soil compatibility which works against occurrence of soil erosion.

Contamination of the water will not occur where the trees have been planted. It is evident that nitrogen and the phosphorous chemicals which happen to be poisonous are contained in water from the storms. Where the trees are not present, this water will find its way to water sources hence contaminating it. You will find out that most of the aquatic life will be cut short due to the poisonous gases in the water. Where the trees are present, this polluted water finds its way to the soil by following the channels created by the tree roots hence saving the aquatic sources.

Tree planting is also essential in cooling down the streets which could have otherwise been greatly affected by global warming. The trees planted are vital in curbing the poisonous gases in the streets as well as bringing a cooling effect which is against global warming conditions. With the high populations in the cities many people can be affected by this global warming which could result from tree removal and fixation of the asphalt highways. Global warming can easily occur where there are many and very high structures in a congested city.

Where you plant trees the air will be regulated in a very natural way. There is no need to hire an air conditioning contractor in cases where you have trees planted at specific points in your home. Besides this, they also help in removing the poisonous gases from the air in your environment.

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